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Carla Luminati: artist and printer.

"The artwork is the overstatement of an idea" (Andrè Gilen)

The Artistic Printing Studio Ca' Virginio comes from Carla's passion for graphic art and art prints; her aim is to keep the tradition and the vitality of an art that for centuries has been a value of excellence for Urbino.

Who is Carla?

Carla Luminati is the artist and printer of engraving arts of her Artistic Printing Studio Ca' Virginio and she is a published of Prunea's series entitled "Preziosi Frammenti di Vita".

She was born in Urbino in 1984, and her passion for graphic art has deep roots in her family: her parents have been collaborating for several decades with the GR Gallery and with the publishing companies such as Bidiellepi and BdA, curating and, at the same time, creating art lovers' folders of various artists. 

In 2003 she gratuatd from the school of Urbino's Book, in 2006 she gratuated in Technologies for the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage and in 2004 she gratuated in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage at the University of Urbino "Carlo Bo" 

Since her childhood, Carla has cultivated the passion for drawing and graphics, demonstrating her excellent manual skills and achieving several awards.

After graduating, Carla studied technical and cultural knowledge of engraving and print art and thanks to these experiences comes from the idea to open the Artistic Printing Studio Ca' Virginio. 

**As printer**, Carla's talent is to listen to the needs of each artists, enstablishing with each of them a synergy relationship that it is fundamental to understand the real thought and the needs of the artist.

**As artist** Carla is the self printer of her engravings, she is able to transform  her thought in "speaking sights".

She offer her capabilities even to private or institutional customers, who are looking for something original like: art prints for ceremonies (weddings, baptisms, confirmation), and art cartels for events.




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