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Dedicated to the artistic tradition of Urbino.
Linked to the past, it still looks to the future


The Artistic Printing Studio Ca' Virginio was born from an idea of Carla Luminati, artist and printer,  who decided to continue the artistic and cultural tradition of Urbino of engraving and printing of art.

Inside the studio, the printing activity with manual press in the different three engraving tecniques: xilography, chalcography and lithography; art editions, art books and custom artworks for important events such as baptisms, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, ceremonies, etc are also produced. Furthermore, the production of frames, give the opportunity to find out many solutions in order to add value to artworks.


The dog we find illustrated on the logo of the Stamperia represents the cornerstone of Carla's works and her daily work: 

  • Love for the artistic tradition of Urbino;
  • Empathy between printer and artist because the ability of the printer follow through the artist's thoughts and guides him towards the art printing process;
  • Fidelity, in maiking the artist's signs on a sheet of paper or other materiales explicitly and concretely;
  • Patience, because the printing process is a hand job that creates an unique and unrepeatable product each time, as a feature of originality;
  • It guides and goes with you towards choosing an original artistic product as well as customized.